Having always been a multi-faceted person and curious by nature, my entire journey to this day has been demonstrating my various skills, both in performing different jobs as well as in different markets.


I am a psychologist specialized in behavioral change, using specific techniques to develop self-knowledge and self-esteem.


I contributed to the growth of a small urban rehabilitation company in Lisbon, in a time when this work was more than necessary, since the city is filled with history but is also very old and in need of a boost. I worked both in the development of construction projects and later recruiting key people for the company.


After this I embraced a new project, in the Estoril congress center being responsible for the international corporate market, marketing, advertising, and being part of the team who developed the entire sustainability policy, making the ecc the first European congress center to have a green certificate, at that time.


I then accepted the challenge of running an office centre in the heart of Lisbon, which had just opened. Proudly, I watched it grow and made good friendships.


Then my artistic vein asked more attention of me, and so in the last decade I've dedicated myself to developing another passion of mine - singing - where I also had the opportunity to improve other tools from my past, including public presentation techniques.

This led to being invited as a presenter at business conventions, as well as being able to create my very own personal development sessions.


I created a method to work with people in a fun way - using the vocal expression - to go deeper into self-knowledge. In these sessions I bring my valuable psychology background in communion with a lifetime of accumulated experience in several areas, all of them culminating in what most drives and fascinates me - human improvement.

I offer the participants the opportunity to get to know themselves  and their colleagues better, whilst strengthening ties through this fun and lightweight vocal tool.


So here I am, ready to keep on my adventurous journey and meeting amazing new people wherever I go.



+351 910 243 573