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"Know who you are"

"(...) In the last decade I've dedicated myself to developing another passion of mine - singing - where I also had the opportunity to improve other tools from my past, including public presentation techniques. This led to being invited as a presenter at business conventions, as well as being able to create my very own personal development sessions.


I created a method to work with people in a fun way - using the vocal expression - to go deeper into self-knowledge. In these sessions I bring my valuable psychology background in communion with a lifetime of accumulated experience in several areas, all of them culminating in what most drives and fascinates me - human improvement.


I offer the participants the opportunity to get to know themselves  and their colleagues better, whilst strengthening ties through this fun and lightweight vocal tool."

Madalena Botelho de Sousa


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Andrew French

Sales and Business Development Director at UKI Media and Events Ltd

"My experience of working with Madalena is always exciting.
She has a rare ability to make the project feel more like it is pleasure than actual work, and consequently results are always on time, and above requirement.


This is testament to her excellent organisational skills and understanding of clients needs, from whichever cultural background they maybe.

As well as fulfilling requirements, she has the ability to surprise, with unexpected but welcome additions.

I look forward to working with her on future projects, and can ensure others of a similar rewarding and successful experience in any interaction with Madalena."


+351 910 243 573

- Professional path, a quick overview -

I am a psychologist specialized in behavioral change, using specific techniques to develop self-knowledge and self-esteem.

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Pedro Rocha dos Santos

Comunicação e Marketing | On DaSpot Lda

"Madalena has a very enthusiastic personality, her professional skills cover a wide variety of situations specially related to PR and Human Resources.


She is a great communicator and highly skilled on social networking. Also knows how to use her leader personality to motivate people to work as a team.

Great energy, inner balance, positive attitude, common sense and sense of humour are probably Madalena's best qualities. I personally value her honesty too."

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"Obrigada pelo momento que nos proporcionou. Diverti-me imenso!"

Sandra Simão

SPA Manager | InterContinental Cascais-Estoril

"Foi muito divertida a experiência, gostei imenso. É sempre bom aprender coisas novas."

Isabel Távora Mendonça

Graphic Designer | MaumauMia Produções