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Who is Madalena?

Have a quick peek of her 3 hats

Born on April 22nd, in the heart of Lisbon, Madalena Rodrigues de Morais Botelho de Sousa, is a Portuguese artist - Singer & Presenter - from Cascais, who performs both in Portugal and abroad, in the most exquisite and high-end private events.

But how did she became to be the woman she is today? Let's have a quick peek of her path...

1. After studying at Salesianos, Oficinas de S. José she went on completing her master's degree in Organizational Psychology at the University Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada (Lisbon).

Madalena is a psychologist, with sixteen years of experience, specialized in behavioral change, using specific techniques to develop balance, healing, inner harmony and overall happiness and fulfillment. To this end, her fourteen years of yôga practice have also been an amazing plus, bringing incredible live-long tools.


2. During a decade she worked and developed her corporate skills both in performing different jobs as well as in different markets. She contributed to the growth of a small urban rehabilitation company in Lisbon; right after this she embraced a new project in the Estoril congress center being responsible for the international corporate market, marketing and being part of the team who developed the entire sustainability policy from scratch, making it the first European congress center to have a green certificate, at that time; She then accepted the invite of running an office centre in the heart of Lisbon and as it's Director a lot of hard work was done, proudly.

3. At some point her artistic side could wait no longer to be fulfilled, experienced and lived! And so Madalena decided to completely change her professional path leaving the corporate world to pursue and dedicate herself to developing her great passion - Singing - having been blessed to work with and learn from very talented people.

During this time she also had the opportunity to improve other abilities from her past, including public speaking and presentation techniques. This led her to also being invited as a presenter at corporate conventions (both in Portuguese and English).


All of this made it possible for her to create her very own personal development sessions. She has developed a method to working with people in a fun way - using the vocal expression - to go deeper into self-knowledge. In these sessions she brings her valuable psychology background in communion with a lifetime of accumulated experience in several areas (including nutrition), all of them culminating in what most drives her: self knowledge & well-being.

In all of her activities this enriched life and human experience is what she brings to the table, always feeling grateful for the people she gets to know and work with, every time.

(you can learn more on LinkedIn)



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